Dorit Donoviel

Dorit Donoviel
Director, Translational Research Institute for Space Health at Baylor College of Medicine

20+ years leadership experience as director of R&D overseeing diverse areas of biomedical research from basic to applied science, drug discovery, and technology development. Executing a multi-million dollar national research portfolio of grants addressing the plethora of physiological and behavioral challenges of humans in space.
Proven leadership and managerial skills charting and executing a vision to transition solutions from bench to operations and market at the intersection of the private sector, academia, and government. Skilled at building and fostering relationships to create consensus, buy-in, and momentum to move the organization forward.
Launched successful new programs to facilitate commercialization of nascent technologies and products to improve healthcare in space and on Earth.
8 years biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry experience: drug discovery and project management; Directed multiple diverse, concurrent projects from inception to pharmacology; Experienced in drug approval process, writing a successful IND application;
Excellent cross-discipline communication and interpersonal skills with individuals of vastly differing mind-sets and capabilities;
Robust publication record in refereed scientific journals.