Chris McCarthy

Chris McCarthy
VP Strategy & Design / Executive Director, Hopelab & the Innovation Learning Network

Chris McCarthy is the VP of Strategy & Design at Hopelab and the Executive Director and Founder of the Innovation Learning Network. At Hopelab his main focus is at the intersection of design and science in the service of young people’s health. Currently he is guiding work with young cancer survivors, teen moms, and emotional well-being of young people. In his previous role at Kaiser Permanente’s Innovation Consultancy, he tackled safer medication administration for patients, more robust shift changes for nurses, exploring the social space of elders, and the care experience of transgender people.

His work has been featured with CNN ( Dec 2017), Harvard Business Review (Sept 2010), Bisognano’s “Pursuing the Triple Aim” (2012), FastCompany, the New York Times and many more. As an author, he collaborated with Lyle Berkowitz, MD on “Innovation with Information Technologies in Healthcare” (2012). You can find his quirky design blog at

He was named the 2015 H.I.T. Innovator and the 2011 Ellerbe Beckett Lecturer. And is an international speaker on innovation and design.

Chris has a master’s in business administration from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute / Copenhagen Business School, and a master’s in public health in Health Policy from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. In his spare time, he obsesses about fitness, movies and skiing through the trees.